lactation pod
Freestanding Lactation Pod vs. Permanent Lactation Room

Why are freestanding lactation pods better than permanent nursing rooms?

Time Saving
Avoid the time-consuming headache of office design and construction, and the potential of closing all or part of the office, with a one-time purchase and long-term investment into nursing mothers at work.

Plug and Play
No need to plan and outfit a entire room. Our Breastfeeding Pod comes standard with a lounge, mirror, table, locking door, coat hook, and power outlets ready for use directly after assembly.

Cost-Effective Investment
While building costs vary, modular lactation suites usually cost around half as much as a total redesign, not including the hours spent and loss in employee production due to relocation.

Preserves the Open Office & Natural Light
The #1 enemy of open offices are solid walls. Modular lactation suites save space, allow for redesigns, retain the open office feel, and allow natural light to travel throughout the office.

Breastfeeding Pods grow with your company. Need to move it across the office? Slide it over. Need to move it to a new location? Easily disassemble and reassemble. Our pods will virtually last forever.

Turnkey Delivery & Installation
Avoid permits, design phases, and managing multiple teams for weeks on end. BrighterBooth handles everything from inquiry to installation, so all you have to do choose the pod's location, and we do the rest.


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