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Do your phone booths have a decibel (dB) sound rating or STC rating? Are they soundproof?

Click here to view our phone booth sound test. Our office pods reduce noise by 35 – 40 dB. We do not have an official STC rating as the privacy pod industry does not have a standard of measurement. There is no such thing as a fully soundproof office pod, which is why we designed our pods with the highest quality materials like welded steel, tempered glass and dense fiberglass acoustics to ensure a high quality end result.


What makes BrighterBooth different than all the other phone booth companies?

Competitive Pricing: BrighterBooth offers the highest quality pods at the best prices.


Turnkey Delivery & Installation: We handle everything from order to delivery to installation.


Natural Light: Our phone booth has three glass walls to allow the most amount of natural light to travel through to the rest of the office. We also offer any variation of glass vs. solid walls at no extra charge.


Customizations: Virtually unlimited branding and privacy options with aftermarket additions like window decals, fogged window film, or color tint.


Open Office Aesthetics: Glass office pods with a minimal frame fits into any office decor and retains the open office feel.


Easy Maintenance: Our welded steel and glass pods are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.


Does BrighterBooth have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a Full 3 Year Warranty.


Does BrighterBooth offer a return policy?

Yes! We offer a 30-day trial and 100% free returns. We’re 100% confident you’ll love the quality of our pods, so we’ll cover the cost of the pods, disassembly and shipping back to BrighterBooth. Reach out to us for more information.

What materials are used in your office phone booths?

98% of our pods are made of steel, glass and fiberglass. Other materials include a wood, carpet and fabric.


What are the electrical requirements to power a BrighterBooth?

All of our pods are UL rated and surge protected with a standard 120-volt, three-prong power cord. When the booth is unoccupied, it does not draw any electricity. Once the motion sensor is triggered, the booth draws approximately .1 amps. The electricity draw increases as devices are plugged into the booth’s outlets.


What electrical options are available inside the booth when plugged in?

Phone Booth (1-Person Privacy Pod): two (2) power outlets, two (2) USB ports, two (2) Ethernet ports, two (2) LEDs, and five (5) circulating fans.


Meeting Pod (2-Person Privacy Pod): four (4) power outlets, four (4) USB ports, four (4) Ethernet ports, two (2) LEDs, and one (1) ventilation system.


Conference Pod (4-Person Privacy Pod): four (4) power outlets, four (4) USB ports, four (4) Ethernet ports, two (2) LEDs, and one (1) ventilation system.


Breastfeeding Pod (Modular Lactation Room): four (4) power outlets, four (4) USB ports, four (4) Ethernet ports, two (2) LEDs, and one (1) ventilation system.


Do your office pods have a ventilation system?

Yes, our pods comes standard with a quiet ventilation system that is activated by a motion sensor. The fans circulate the external office air into the pod to ensure air freshness and temperature regulation.


Do your booths come with lighting?

Yes, all of our pods come with soft lighting LEDs.


Do your pods come with furniture?

Yes, all our pods include furniture in the price of the pod:


Phone Booth: one (1) stool and one (1) desk.


Meeting Pod: two (2) lounges and one (1) table.


Conference Pod: two (2) lounges and one (1) table.


Breastfeeding Pod: one (1) lounge and one (1) table.


Can you customize the booths?

Yes, we offer the following options:

  • Exterior paint can be any RAL color, free of charge.
  • Interior acoustic panel fabric color options, free of charge.
  • Interior carpet/ceiling color options, free of charge.
  • Doors can be hinged on either side to open in either direction.
  • Deadbolt locks with keys can be added.


How does the door seal?

BrighterBooth uses a tight latching door with air tight rubber seals around the entire door frame.


Are your phone booths eco-friendly?

BrighterBooth is 98% recyclable.


Are the phone booths easily movable?

The Phone Booth can be moved short distances with furniture sliders, and longer distances with an industrial dolly or cart. The Meeting Booth can be moved with furniture sliders, but we recommend disassembling the pod for longer distances or office moves. The Conference Pod will need to be partially disassembled to move with furniture sliders.

How much is shipping and installation?

Our turnkey delivery and installation varies based on a number of factors including location, number of units, elevator access, union work, after hours installation, etc. Contact us to request a quote.


What is shipping lead time?

Because of high demand, you can expect your phone booth in 6 weeks after the order is placed. We are working hard to shorten this lead time.


Once I place my order, what happens?

Once you’ve placed your order, your phone booths will enter our manufacturing queue. A team member will periodically provide you with updates during the fulfillment process, and will be able to assist you with questions/concerns at any time.


How do the booths ship?

Because our pods are made of heavy prefabricated steel panels that bolt together, our pods require professional freight truck shipping.


Do you carry insurance?

Yes, our network of installers carry insurance that covers them in any commercial space in the United States. Documentation available upon request.



If you have any concerns at any time, please contact your dedicated Brighter Booth team member or Contact Sales through our website form.

We have been informed by multiple fire safety agencies that office pods are considered modular office furniture, so they fall under the general guidelines, but we can’t guarantee our pods complies with your specific building or jurisdiction. The information below is intended to help you make an informed decision in installing a BrighterBooth.


ADA Compliance

BrighterBooth currently does not have an ADA compliant model, but we will have one available in the near future. BrighterBooth believes in equal employment opportunity and full inclusion for everyone.


Fire Code Compliance

We have been informed by multiple fire safety agencies that office pods are considered modular office furniture, so they fall under the general guidelines below:


  • Cannot obstruct an entrance or exit.
  • Cannot impede visual or audio alarms in the event of an emergency.
  • Cannot be installed within 18” of a sprinkler head.
  • Cannot block any equipment like fire alarms, fire extinguishers, defibrillators, etc.
  • Cannot require special knowledge to open the door.
  • The ability of the door being opened cannot be obstructed.

The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal commercial use and conditions, for a period of one (3) years for the original invoice date. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer. The manufacturer agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair and defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or refurbished product of equal value in exchange without charge (except for a fee for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance which will be incurred by the customer). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase as confirmed by showing the model number on original dated sales receipt.


Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not include:

  • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary commercial wear or any use for which the product was not intended, such as use in rental or contract trade.
  • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care.
  • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or shipping damage.
  • Dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse.
  • Normal wear and tear. Damages incurred during transportation.
  • Damages incurred during assembly or maintenance.
  • Any used, previously displayed items.


The Company makes no express warranty or condition whether written or oral and the company expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions not stated in this limited warranty. To the extent allowed by the local law of jurisdictions outside the United States, the Company disclaims all implied warranties or conditions, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. For all transactions occurring in the United States, any implied warranty of condition of merchantability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose is limited to the duration of the express warranty set forth above.


Some states or countries do not allow a limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages for consumer products. In such sates or countries, some exclusions or limitations of this limited warranty may not apply to the Purchaser. For consumer transaction, the limited warranty terms contained in this statement, except to the extent lawfully permitted, do not exclude, restrict, or modify but are in addition to the mandatory statutory rights applicable to the sale of this Product to the Purchaser.


All warranty claims must be filed by the consumer to the retailer of this product, who in turn is to contact the manufacturer regarding any warranty return or replacement. We will not handle claims from the consumer directly. Please retain invoices for a minimum of one year for warranty purposes.



Claim Procedures

Claims for defective merchandise must be made within THREE years from invoice date. Claims for missing parts must be made within 30 calendar days after the merchandise is received. Any claim for defective merchandise returns must be packed in original packaging. We reserve the right to specify that items be returned to the original warehouse for inspection or be inspected by our representative in the field. Pictures are required to claim defective merchandise, along with a copy of the original invoice. If the claim is justified, the item(s) or part(s) will be repaired or replaced or a credit will be issued. It is our policy to replace parts whenever possible. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which vary from state to state.

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• 30 Day Risk-Free Trial
• 3 year warranty
• Fire code compliant

• Turnkey delivery and install
• Welded steel panels
• Thick shatterproof glass
• Dense fiberglass acoustics
• Furniture included

• Reduces noise by 35-40 dB
• Quiet ventilation system
• Power outlets
• USB ports
• Ethernet ports
• LED lighting
• Surge protected

• Airtight latching door
• Custom options available
• Insured installer network