mobile lactation pods

How Much Do Lactation Pods Cost?

Lactation Pods are the most affordable and flexible way to add lactation spaces to your office while avoiding the cost and headache of designing and building a permanent lactation room.

BrighterBooth lactation pods come standard with wheels, fully furnished, and your choice of color. Please request a quote to include turnkey delivery and installation.

Lactation Pod Pricing

  • Solo Lactation Pod: $7,945
  • Lactation Pod: $9,945
  • ADA Lactation Pod: $11,945

The Brighter Lactation Space Solution

Our goal was to create a line of lactation pods that offered the best of both worlds for the employee and employer: private and comfortable while affordable and high quality. We met these challenges with a minimal yet appealing design and by handling every step from inquiry to installation.

You might ask why our prices are lower than the competition. In a nutshell, we sell direct. Most office pod companies hide their prices and partner with furniture dealers, which means they wildly increase their prices to give their dealers the ability to name their price and haggle with their clients. We cut out the dealers and the annoying sales process by standardizing our prices and listing them publicly. You request a quote, we send it, end of story.

The quality of BrighterBooth’s lactation pods are comparable to the highest priced pods on the market. We guarantee your employees will be happy with the level of craftmanship and soundproofing our pods provide.