The Reviews Are In

Breastfeeding Pods are the best solution for private lactation spaces in the workplace.

Simple Yet Effective

It’s amazing how such a simple product can make a large impact. We purchased 4 of them and they’re always in use. Employees say they want more. If they had it their way, each employee would want one for themself!

Wesley, CEO

Everything We Were Looking For

We wanted a phone booth that was affordable, effective and fits the office decor. Brighter Booth had everything we were looking for.

Katie, Senior Associate

Sturdy & Solid

Our phone booth came this week fully assembled and undamaged. It’s an extremely solid and sturdy unit, very impressed. It doesn’t seem like the pod can be damaged unless someone purposely damages it. We’re all glad everything worked out.

Xahra, Operations Director

Soundproof & Visually Unobtrusive

We have a really small office, so we need something soundproof and visually unobtrusive. The natural light was just a great bonus.

Morgan, Community Manager

Branding Capability

Brighter Booth suggested adding branded window decals because we wanted slightly more privacy for the person inside the phone booth. It turned out amazing. Now the pod has our company colors and branding all over it. The employees love it!

Hannah, Head of Agency Culture

Inexpensive & Beneficial

No complaints at all. Brighter Booth is an inexpensive and easy way to increase productivity and employee morale. The staff loves the pods.

Jared, VP & General Manager

Constantly In Use

The two phone booths we bought are constantly in use. We plan on buying more after we expand next year.

Nestor, Project Coordinator - Facilities

Great Soundproofing

We tested a few options, and Brighter Booth is just as effective, if not more effective than the 2 or 3 others we tested. Can’t beat the price for the quality and the added bonus of natural light, which wasn’t high on our list.

Emily, Arch III

Perfect Solution

We bought 3 phone booths for our client who loves them. They wanted a modern and streamlined look that didn’t obstruct the office. Perfect solution.

Ashley, Senior Project Manager

Love It

Simple and straightforward, blends right in with the office, less expensive than the rest… Love it.

Katherine, Office Manager

Fast & Easy

The process was easy from beginning to end. The pods were delivered fully assembled ready to plugin, and the installation team was in and out in under an hour.

Tim, Non-Tech Proj/Prg Mgmt

Soundproofing & Natural Light

Very satisfied. We put our phone booths along our large exterior window, then doubled them up with the non-glass wall sides facing each other. They are very soundproof and allow pretty much all of the natural light to hit the rest of the office.

Mark, Sales Manager

Improved Office Culture

Believe it or not, the window decals are everyone’s favorite part. Not the privacy or natural light lol. Employees are even buying their own decals to put on the phone booths. The pods really improved the office’s culture.

Greg, Director of IT

Almost Invisible

Blends in really well. Sometimes I don’t even realize the it’s there unless someone is in it.

Alexis, Project Manager

Natural Light & Spacious

Natural light and open spaces were top priorities for our small office renovation. We already have office pods, but they block natural light and create a large barrier that closes off the office. Brighter Booth solved these problems, and were less expensive to boot.

Janice, Office Coordinator

A brighter future awaits.

Breastfeeding Pods