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Privacy & Natural Light in the Workplace
privacy pod natural light office phone booth
Office Phone Booth Price: $3,945

Office phone booths and soundproof office pods are an oasis in the open office where employees can escape noise, focus and take phone calls in privacy.

They also increase productivity and morale, which decreases turnover and stress. Furthermore, office pods are modular and less expensive than constructing a permanent soundproof room, so they are a win-win solution for employees and business owners.

How much do office phone booths cost? How do you know the level of quality? Which pod does your office need? These are the questions we will answer.

Office Phone Booth Price - Quality Matters

How do you know you're buying a high quality office pod? The materials. The quality of soundproofing materials is the first thing you should look at before purchasing the cheapest pod. In addition, we specifically designed the Brighter Booth with three glass walls to maximize the amount of natural light shining into the office. Natural lighting in the office space brings its own various benefits for both the employee and employer. View the features and benefits of Brighter Booth. They are clear as day.

privacy pod natural light office phone booth
Features, Brighter Booth

Like most products, you get what you pay for. Our pods are all steel with a tempered glass. We use real latching and locking doors with rubber sealed door jams to ensure sound doesn't travel through. We have quiet ventilation fans and LEDs that automatically turn on by a motion sensor when the booth is occupied.

Our front and back glass design allows light to travel through into the rest of the office. It also allows you to place the pod next to a window without ruining the view or blocking the natural light. Placing the pod next to a window with a great view might even make the pod the office's main attraction.

Office Phone Booth Cost - Modular vs. Construction

Our modular office phone booth with high quality soundproofing materials costs $4,495. It comes with a 3 year warranty and a 30 day return policy. We offer the best bang for your buck.

Privately constructing a permanent, high quality soundproof office would cost at least $10,000. You would also have to deal with all the variables that come with office design and construction: finding someone to build it who understands acoustics, it might not be good quality, managing multiple contractors, fire codes, design approval, construction permits, scheduling, closing part of the office, delays, overspending, and on and on. Avoid the headache.

Office Phone Booth Pricing - An Investment

Office pods are unlike office furniture because they increase productivity and lowers turnover, which means they increase profit and reduce operating costs. They are an investment in the longevity of your company.

Office Phone Booth Price: $4,495. It's a high quality one person privacy pod with an exterior size of 40 x 40 x 87 inches, and an interior size of 38 x 38 x 75 inches. Comes with a stool.

The Brighter Booth can can come in any color. Once you have an office privacy pod, you will instantly notice the difference it has on your employees, your office and your business. Invest in your employees, they'll pay you back tenfold.

Please reach out to us through our contact page. Let us know how many you're interested in, and we'll deliver and install them for you!


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privacy pod office phone booth
4 Workplace Problems Solved by Office Privacy Pods

The era of open office design is over. Too long has noise been an afterthought in office construction. It's time for the next generation office where the employee is at the center of design.

The open office plan was pitched as the end-all design solution: it fosters collaboration, promotes a team mentality, and improves employee morale WHILE saving money by avoiding permanent construction. Of course companies bought into this idea because it saved money, but the "benefits" came with side effects. Studies show that that noise is the main annoyance in open offices, and natural light is the number on attribute in the workplace.

Privacy pods by Brighter Booth offer a fast and cost effective solution to the noise and natural light problems caused by open office plans. Here are 4 ways how.

1. Privacy pods give employees a quiet space to escape office noise.

99% of employees say concentration is impaired by various kinds of office noise. Employees need to concentrate to be productive. Studies show that pop-up conversations and speech from coworkers is the most disruptive sound, which is what every open office has plenty of.

Office noise increases a variety of stress factors that effect an employee's ability to be productive and happy. Stress factors like lack of concentration, unsatisfactory or late work, and general workplace annoyance are among the top problems that Brighter Booth aims to solve. Soundproof pods help create a healthier work environment, improve employee morale, increase productivity and grows the overall company culture.

2. Modular phone booths increase an office's flexibility and agility.

Part of an employee-centric workplace is giving employees the freedom to choose when and where to work within the office. A flexible and agile workplace increases productivity and morale, and decreases turnover/retains top talent.

Personal workspaces are a perfect way to escape office noise and get work done at a moment's notice. Employees appreciate that option compared to being locked down in an assigned seat all day trying different methods to block distraction. Dealing with noise and distraction at work has led to reimagining the future of the workplace.

Brighter Booth is a modular phone booth, meaning they are easier and usually cheaper to install compared to the fixed construction of an office or conference room that requires designing, permits and approval. With Brighter Booth, you set it and forget it, and simply move it to another location if necessary.

3. Office pods support diverse employee work styles.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workplace. Brighter Booth caters to a diverse workplace with a variety of employee personalities and work preferences.

Installing a phone booth creates quiet areas that can be used however employees want: personal or professional phone calls, solo work, video conferences, or to just get away for a few minutes on break.

Transform your workplace. Add a privacy pod to your open office today, and revolutionize the way you do business.

4. Brighter Booth Offers Private Space Without Sacrificing Natural Light

Not only does natural light improve overall happiness and well-being, but it also improves sleep, comprehension, creativity and stress levels.

78% of employees say that natural light improves their overall happiness and well-being. Natural light increases productivity by up to 40%, which leads to a larger profit margin.

Brighter Booth is one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to increase productivity and profit without investing a lot of money or making corporate changes. Business owners can generate up to 40% more productivity, reduce sick leave by up to 7%, and reinforce a employee-centric corporate culture that recruits and retains top talent.


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