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The Best Office Meeting Pods of 2020

Confidential meeting booths and privacy pods have become a staple in open office design, and rightfully so. The open office design is used by most offices because it costs less to design and build, and it promotes collaboration, but it also increases noise and distraction.

Constructing a permanent, structural room is a risk because it:

  • Defeats the purpose of an open office by creating walls and barriers
  • Won’t be soundproof or effectively acoustic
  • Usually costs more than an office pod
  • Requires regulation compliance and inspection
  • May not be used or liked by employees
  • Can’t be taken with you to a new location
  • Is a huge headache to manage all the moving parts
  • Requires closing part of the office and relocating employees

Instead, companies are making their lives easier by simply investing in modular soundproof meeting pods where the only decisions they have to make are the color and where they want the pod placed.

7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Meeting Pod

Soundproof meeting pods offer a variety of benefits for a relatively small investment that goes with you as your company grows. This long-term investment offers long-term benefits:

  1. Increases privacy, focus and productivity.
  2. Improves privacy by keeping phone calls and meetings confidential.
  3. Promotes an agile workplace and activity-based working.
  4. Avoids strict construction regulation as office pods are considered modular office furniture.
  5. Strengthens company culture and morale.
  6. Reduces turnover and attracts top talent.
  7. Enhances professionalism with clients as background noise is unprofessional.

High Quality Meeting Pods: Do Your Research

Like with any other purchase, it’s important to do your research. If you want to know the quality of a company’s office pods, look at the materials they use and the method of delivery and installation. High quality materials mean a high quality product. The method of delivery and installation gives insight into the pod’s construction and design.

BrighterBooth’s office pods are designed with high quality materials like:

  • Welded steel frame and sheet metal walls
  • Thick shatterproof glass
  • Fiberglass core inside the walls and ceiling
  • Dense fiberglass interior acoustic panels
  • Airtight latching door and handle
  • Carpeted floor and ceiling

BrighterBooth offers turnkey delivery and installation by professionally freight truck ships the crated pods to a verified, local installation company. Then an installation team delivers prefabricated steel panels that bolt together onsite. BrighterBooths virtually last forever and are extremely low maintenance.

Other office pod companies may use the Ikea method of flat box shipping directly to you where you build it with an allen wrench. They use cheaper and lighter materials that are accepted by standard mail services, and can be built by the average office employee.

BrighterBooth Features

All BrighterBooths contain amenities your employees need to be happy, safe and productive:

  • Occupancy motion sensor
  • Soft LED lighting
  • Quiet ventilation system
  • Comfortable modular furniture
  • Power outlets
  • USB ports
  • Ethernet ports
  • Surge protected
  • Fire code compliant
  • Eco-friendly

The Benefits of BrighterBooth

BrighterBooth is a leading a soundproof office pod manufacturer including their flagship privacy pods: Phone Booth, Meeting Pod and Conference Pod. BrighterBooth has gained a reputation for providing the highest quality customer service and office privacy pods. BrighterBooth remains a forward thinking company by adding new products like the Breastfeeding Pod.

soundproof office meeting pod confidential meeting booth

BrighterBooth Phone Booth

This office phone booth has enough room for two people, but was specifically designed for one person to make private phone calls without disturbing the office or work alone in silence with a stool and desk.

BrighterBooth Meeting Pod

This two-person meeting pod seats two people comfortably, but up to four depending on body size. It’s great for a quick one-on-one meeting or interview, working alone in silence or making a private phone or video call. It comes with comfortable lounges and a height adjustable table.

BrighterBooth Conference Pod

This four-person conference pod is the same design as the meeting pod, just deeper to seat four people comfortably.

BrighterBooth Breastfeeding Pod

The breastfeeding pod is an all-inclusive, freestanding lactation room that gives nursing mothers a private and comfortable space to breastfeed or pump at work or in public spaces.It contains dimmable lights, a quiet ventilation system, comfortable seating, a footrest, a table, a waste bin, power outlets, USB ports, and extra space for baby gear. Read our article on how Breastfeeding Pods Support Working Mothers.

Brighter offices foster brighter ideas. Contact BrighterBooth today for a brighter solution for your workplace, employees and budget.

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