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6 Reasons Office Pods are Crucial for Coworking Spaces

While coworking spaces helped usher in the employee-centric workplace concept and modernized how people decide to be productive, many spaces still struggle with the noise that comes with an open office design and neglect to offer the office agility that members expect.

There are over 17,000 coworking spaces globally and that number will only grow as work culture inevitably becomes more flexible and virtual. In order to remain competitive, it’s extremely important to include activities-based zones that allow members to escape office noise and give them options on how to be productive.

How do you do that without the headache of completely redesigning the entire workspace with permanent construction? Office pods to the rescue!

Office Pods Avoid the Headache of Office Design & Construction

Avoid costly and time-consuming one-time expenses on permanent office construction. Instead, investing in phone booths and meeting pods is a quick and easy way to add work zones to your space, and they’re usually less expensive than permanent office construction. Office pods can also be used as partitions that turn one large space into two activities-based zones with an office pod in the middle instead of a wall.

Office Pods are Modular & Flexible

Office pods are modular, so they can be moved around the space and taken with you as your business grows. Compared to the of addition of a permanent conference room that not only makes the space look smaller by adding large walls, but there’s also a chance it may not be used a much as you think or how you’d like it to be used, especially if it’s being built away from the main area. It’s important to place office pods near the main gathering areas so members can see if they’re in use, and so they can jump in at a moment’s notice.

Office Pods Foster Collaboration, Networking & Coworking Space Etiquette

One of the most important benefits of coworking spaces is the potential for networking and collaboration, both of which create conversations – also known as office noise. When that creative spark happens, it would be great if that brainstorming team could hop into a soundproof office pod to let their ideas flow freely without being distracted or worrying about disturbing others.

Office Pods Reduce Noise & Increase Privacy

Privacy, both visual and audial, are the top concerns for coworking space members. With the open floor plan being the design of choice, coworking spaces need a solution that encourages both collaboration and privacy while maintaining the productivity that the open office design offers. Soundproof phone booths and meeting pods are the answer to open office noise, privacy and heads-down productivity.

Office Pods Attract & Retain Customers

As we all know, the design of the physical environment we inhabit dramatically affects our psychology, and specifically for coworking spaces, amenities can make or break the businesses. Office pods change the entire atmosphere of the coworking space by retaining the open office feel and allowing natural light to flow throughout the office. They let the potential members know that the space offers a range of work environments that cater to a variety of work styles, which is the foundation of an agile work environment.

Office Pods are Advertisements for Coworking Space Rentals

A lot of coworking spaces are rented as event spaces, and there’s nothing like an office pod to create a buzz and attract attention. Not only are they cosmetic, but they’re functional as well because they allow eventgoers to hop in a phone booth to take a quiet call rather than run outside. Potential customers will say, “Let’s rent that space with the office pods.”

BrighterBooth is the Best Choice for Coworking Spaces

BrighterBooth offers higher quality pods at better prices. We use materials like welded steel and sheet metal frame with a fiberglass core, thick tempered glass, and fabric wrapped acoustic panels. Because of the high-quality materials, we have to professionally freight truck ship and white glove install heavy prefabricated panels that bolt together. Our pods will virtually last forever. Contact us today to receive a quote.


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