Brighter solutions for the modern workplace.

Brighter solutions for the modern workplace.

The Bright Idea

Our goal was to create a line of office pods that offered the best of all worlds for both the employee and employer: affordable and high quality while retaining natural light and open office aesthetics. We met these challenges by a simple, yet effective design, and by handling every step of the customer journey from inquiry to installation.

Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset



99% of employees say concentration is impaired by office noise and random interruption.



78% of employees say natural light improves their overall happiness and well-being.



Privacy options and natural light increases productivity by up to 80%.

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Turnkey Office Pod Provider

We handle everything from inquiry to installation.

Sales Process

We remove the hassle of finding an installer or building the pods yourself by managing the entire process from inquiry to installation. All you have to do is choose where you want your pod(s) placed, and we do the rest.

Installation Process

Our heavy, prefabricated steel panels require professional freight truck shipping. We ship the pods to our verified installer network, who white glove delivers the panels into your office, and assembles the pod(s) onsite.

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Highest Quality Materials & Construction

Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

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Welded Steel Frame

soundproof privacy pods

Thick Tempered Glass

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Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

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Sheet Metal Walls with Fiberglass Core


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Mini-Breastfeeding Pod

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